The Tandem t:slim X2

tandem tslim 2018

Pump Features 

  • Colour touch screen
  • Dexcom G5 CGM enabled
  • Rechargable battery
  • Tubed infusion sets
  • Upgrades are done via software downloads
  • News 2019-10-17
    • By March 31, 2019 new proprietary infusion sets will be available and will be required for new Tandem reservoirs. (T:Lock sets for T:Lock reservoirs). Priming will be 30 seconds faster. 
    • Basal IQ will offer 2 additional screens: One to turn Basal IQ on/off and another screen to choose if the pump should alarm when Basal IQ has started to actively reduce basal. 
    • Patients can start Basal IQ alone after completing a patient training module and obtaining the online Basal IQ software upgrade (approximately 6 minutes to download). 
    • Tandem Certified Pump Trainers will receive an emailed invitation to complete an online training module (about 10 minutes) to become certified for Basal IQ. 
    • Education regarding interpretation of Diasend records while using Basal IQ will be forthcoming. 



Company Contacts

  • Tandem Diabetes Care Canada Website
  • Territory Manager Kate Stephen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    PHONE: (403) 512-2632 FAX: (858) 224-6400