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Please note:

  • Click here for Genteel Lancing Device info
  • Blood glucose meters are listed by brand below and include links to user manuals and websites.The mention of products on this page is not an endorsement.
  • Please ask patients to carefully investigate shipping costs and return policies when ordering online, and to check for strip expiration dates after receiving products regardless of where purchased. Patients report varied experiences with online ordering (good and bad).
  • COST: Most test strips cost about 70 to 89 cents a piece. However, significantly less expensive test strips are available with the EndoMedical Bravo meter and iHealth glucose meter and the GE meter (click on one of the meter names for more info). Dispensing fees differ between pharmacies. Patients paying out of pocket may wish to call pharmacies (including online pharmacies) to investigate their fees (and shipping costs if online).
  •  Diasend accepts uploads of most glucose metes and CGM.



  • Abbott markets blood glucose meters and an interstitial glucose monitor. View their website. 

    • Freestyle Lite BG meter 

    • Freestyle InsuLinx BG meter:  CAA1c code for healthcare professional use.  

    • Freestyle Precision Neo BG meter: (blood glucose and ketone testing; to replace the Precision Xtra).

    • Freestyle Libre - Glucose sensor measures interstitial glucose.  This is not a blood glucose meter. It is called Flash or intermittently viewed continuous glucose montor (iCGM). It utilizes AGP - Ambulatory Glucose Profiles (see sample graphs and cases).  For more on CGM devics in general,  visit our CGM page. 

ASCENSIA (previously Bayer)  



  • GE 200 meter: Company website for Canada 

  • A reduction in the price of GE strips (about $9.60 off retail) is available by using the Innovicares program when purchasing at the pharmacy. The pharmacies below can arrange this.

  • GE is available at Walmart, Safeway, Sobeys, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart North Hill Shopping Centre & Rexall pharmacies and at the following independent outlets: Richmond Sq Pharmacy, Marshall Drugs, Sage Plus Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe 4th St. SW, Cambrian Pharmacy., Calgary Drug Mart #13-10 Richard Way SW, Simon's Valley IDA. And close satellite communities, Two Pharmacy Cochrane, Shoppers Drug Mart Okotoks.

Genteel Lancing Device

  • The Genteel device advertises lancing without pain by controlling the depth of penetration and combining it with a vacuum. 
  • Visit Genteel Website

iHealth Labs 

  • iHealth Meter - requires a smartphone. Visit company website.
  • Available for purchase in Canada at Best Buy (online or in store)
  • 2018 pricing: Strips $14.99 CAD per 50; Meter $40-$50

LIFESCAN - App with Verio Flex



ROCHE - App with Accu-Chek Connect

  • View all Roche Accu-Chek meters here.  All product training videos and user manuals here

  • Meters include: Accu-Chek Aviva, Accu-Chek Guide (Accu-Chek Nano and Connect are no longer actively promoted. The company will continue to support them, but is in the process of phasing them out.)

  • The App “MySugr” was purchased by Roche and is compatible with the Accu-Chek Guide, connecting via Bluetooth. Once the Accu-chek Guide is paired with the app and data is downloaded (see instructions along with sample logbook here), the app will upgrade to a free "Pro" version to permit emailing of logbook data. Data might include insulin dose, g carb and food pictures if entered by the patient at the time.
  • Rep for Calgary east of Macleod Trail/Deerfoot: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for PLC, SHC , SCHC ,ECHC

  • Rep for Calgary west east of Macleod Trail / Deerfoot:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for RRDTC, FMC and RGH.