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Omnipod Insulin Management System

Photos Omnipod DASH and Eros


  • Tubeless pump
  • Small waterproof pods (3.9 cm x 5.2 cm x 1.45 cm) adhere to skin and communicate wirelessly to a Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM)
  • Pods contain insulin and self-inserting angled cannula (hands free auto cannula insertion)
  •  Click here for differences between Eros and DASH (PDF) . There are two types of Omnipod Insulin Management Systems in Canada. The older system uses Eros pods that communicate with a thicker PDM via radio waves. The newer system uses DASH pods (blue cannula cover) that communicate with a sleek PDM via bluetooth. The DASH PDM does not have a blood glucose meter incorporated. The Eros and DASH pods and PDMs are NOT interchangeable. There are other differences. Please reference the PDF above. 
  • PDMs allow for all insulin delivery programming including bolus calculator, remote bolusing, viewing of insulin-on-board, basal rate changes etc. 
  • Uninterrupted basal delivery if PDM is misplaced. 
  • Uploadable to Diasend
  • Note, the DASH PDM's 7 day average insulin dose is 6 days + hours in current day. Eg if viewing at 0900 the 7 day average is 6 days + 9 hours of insulin. If looking at short term changes, eg. in preganncy, educators may wish to view daily totals and average those. 
  • Note: According to p.12 of the user manual, “Apidra is compatible with the Omnipod DASH® System for use up to 48 hours (2 days).”
  • Note: Per manual, "Insulin sensitive patients should be aware that the accuracy of the device below 1U is ±0.05 units. For a dose of 0.05 units the actual bolus delivered may be as low as 0.00 units or as high as 0.10 units."



  • Eros (older pods and sytem)
  • DASH (newst pod and system)
  • DASH Tips:
    • The DASH PDM has a PIN set by the user. If the PIN is forgotten, the last 4 digits of the serial number will unlock the PDM.
    • A battery change in PDM should not require a Pod change. If that is happening then likely the PDM internal lithium battery is depleted. The patient should call customer support to have PDM replaced.
    • If the pod fails to pair, the Omnipod syringe may be used to attempt to withdraw insulin from the pod prior discarding.
    • We're told the 7 day average of total daily dose may not be accurate depending on when viewed. The calculation includes the current incomplete day as a full day. Depending on the situation, the daily totals may wish to be viewed and averaged manually, eliminating the current incomplete day.
    • To silence a "screaming" pod that cannot be deactivated from the PDM, insert a paperclip into the hole on the back of the pod, on the opposite side of the cannula
Omnipod silence with paperclip

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