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ypsomed pump 2019


  • Physical features:
    • Small: 46mm L x 78mm H x 16mm D. Tubed. 
    • Touch screen icons only. No words. High contrast, easy to read screen
    • 1.6 ml (160 unit) glass reservoirs. In the future, pre-filled reservoirs may be available in Canada. Currently, patients can self-fill reservoirs and leave in the fridge per insulin monograph storage instructions e,g, 1 month
    • Note: Advise shutting off screen before putting in pocket 
  • Infusion sets:
    • YpsoPump Orbit® infusion sets rotate 360 degrees. These are currently only available with 90 degree Teflon or metal cannulas and in two lengths (5.5 and 8.5 mm)
    • Other sets - Inset (same as other pump brand basic sets) 6 & 9 mm soft cannula
  • Ypsomed Calculator App (Apple, Android)
    • Bolus calculator and Insulin-on-Board are in the app, not in the pump 
    • App communication is currently 1-way with pump sending data to app. The app doesn't communicate to pump yet. Currently, boluses are calculated on the app and manually inputted into the pump.  However, the next version of the pump will permit two-way communication allowing the user to bolus from the app. 
    • The app currently (Sept 2022) subtracts all insulin-on-board (IOB) from meal bolus suggestions. These calculations can be viewed and the dose suggestion can be overridden. This will change with a future app update.
    • The app can be set up in MDI mode to make use of the bolus calculator and IOB (bolus only) for those not on pump. 
    • Future app versions will include viewing Libre and  Dexcom readings in the app. 
    • Ability to create PDF reports and email from phone.  
    • The app will upload to an Ypsomed cloud server. Uploading to Glooko is also available.
    • App contains 10 guided video tours for "how to..." items for Ypsopump e.g. chagne reservoir, program basal rates, deliver a bolus etc. 
  • Ypsopump Explorer App 
    • This is an Ypsopump Simulator App
  • The future Ypsopump in Canada: The current version of the Ypsopump does not yet have these features below. However, these are planned for Canada (in this specific order).
    • Ypsomed Dose – the ability to bolus from the Ypsomed app. This requires a new pump model, but patients who purchase the current Ypsopump get a Technology Guarantee allowing an upgrade to the new pump at no cost. We do not know when this new pump will be available but expect 2022.
    • Ypsomed Assist – the ability for Dexcom to integrate with the Ypsomed app (using the new Ypsopump). This will only require an app update with no cost. There is no set date for this, but the expectation is sometime in 2022.
    • Ypsomed Loop – the ability for Automated Insulin Delivery and pump control via smartphone (using the new Ypsopump). This will only require an app update with no cost. There is no set date for this. The Algorithm will be  CamAPS-X (University of Cambridge). Training videos for the algorithm are available here.   It requires a 5 day average Total Daily Dose of insulin and weight. Basal insulin and correction insulin is determined by the algorithm; it provides extended boluses eveery 10-12 minutes. Learning algorithm takes about 3 weeks.  Carb counting and a carb ratio are required. There are "boost" and "ease off" settings that can be optionally engaged (in advance if needed) to address times of insulin resistance or sensitivity.
    • Upgrades after this next model are expected to be via app only.


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