Industry Sponsored and Diabetes Educator Section (DES) Events

The following is a list of current industry sponsored events we have been made aware of at Diabetes Centre Calgary for health care professionals only. We cannot speak to the validity or relevance of information presented and do not accept responsibility for any aspect of these events. Health care professionals choosing to attend industry sponsored events are encouraged to use professional judgment and critically evaluate data presented. We advise health care professionals discuss attendance and/or participation at industry sponsored events with their management team if concerned about possible conflict of interest. Please note, we will delete past events. 


January 25th, 2020: Managing Obesity in the Clinical Setting (Sponsored by Bausch Health)

Managing Obesity In The Clinical Setting
DATE: Saturday, January 25th, 2020
LOCATION: MacEwan Conference & Event Centre - 402 Collegiate Blvd NW, Calgary - MH 234, Escalus Room
ARRIVAL: 7:30am
WORKSHOP: 8:00 – 11:00 am

The objectives of this event are listed below:
1. Using a case-based approach we aim to engage the health care professionals (HCPs) in fictional, reality-based obesity medicine cases. The workshop will be learner-centered with interaction between workshop participants to build knowledge and expertise.
2. This will be hosted by Dr. Shahebina Walji and doctors from the Calgary Weight Management Centre. Instructors will facilitate to ensure collaboration in workshop groups, so the cases are analyzed, problems addressed and questions resolved using scientific evidence where appropriate and experience where no evidence exists. This will provide an opportunity for HCPs to put theory into practice, be exposed to real world, complex obesity cases and understand viewpoints from multiple sources, including obesity medicine specialists.
3. At the end of the workshop participants will:
- Have an appreciation of the complex nature of obesity and the appropriate treatment indications
- Be able to evaluate complex obesity medicine cases and be confident on the appropriate treatment options.
(Each participant will receive the slide deck and case-studies for their personal review post-workshop)

**RSVP is required and spots are limited! Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.**

Thank you,

Brock Northrup, B.Sc
Specialist Representative – Contrave, Jublia
Calgary, AB
C: 587-222-0639


No date limit: Lifescan Diabetes Institute Webinars 

Lifescan is sponsoring a number of different educational webinars. Topics include smartphone technology for diabetes management, supporting sustained behaviour change, and many more. Webinars are recorded and can be viewed at your convenience. For more information visit: