Welcome diabetes educators and healthcare professionals! The Calgary Diabetes Centre currently offers online learning via two methods:

1. Online Learning Modules for HCP (D2L)

2. Learning Via Website: 

If you're new to diabetes, consider exploring  topics in the same order we approach them in our Basic Diabetes Workshop for Healthcare Professionals. After discussing pathophysiology, we organize topics according the steps you'd take in an outpatient appointment with a client. These topics and links are outlined below. 

Please use this site in the manner that best suits your needs.  We hope to help increase your confidence to find answers, while increasing your knowledge and judgement.  If you'd like practice with some of these concepts feel free to register for our Calgary diabetes workshops for diabetes educators. We'd love to see you there and have you share your experiences with the group! Also visit Diabetes Canada Guidelines and Resources and our Topics Catalogue

  1. Pathophysiology,  and then Diagnosis 
  2. Agenda setting
  3. Assessing
  4. Advising & Assisting
  5. Agreeing on goals
  6. Arranging follow-up
  7. Quick access to resources: Topics Catalogue