The Tandem t:slim X2

Tandem G6 2019

Pump Features 

  • Colour touch screen
  • Dexcom G6 CGM enabled 
  • Rechargable battery
  • Tubed proprietary infusion sets
  • Upgrades are done via software downloads after learning module completions.
  • Starting in March 2020, customers will have the option to purchase the pump with Control IQ, or with only Basal-IQ. 
  • Basal IQ only can be toggled on or off. It automatically reduces basal insulin to help prevent lows. It allows for individualization of glucose targets. 
  • Control-IQ advanced hybrid closed-loop technology is a feature that adjusts insulin delivery to help prevent highs (automated partial corrections) and lows (temp basal suspensions), while requiring the user to manually bolus for meals. Current customers will be able to download software upgrades for Control-IQ in March 2021 in Canada. 
  • Once a pump with Basal-IQ has software upgraded to Control-IQ, it cannot be programmed back to just Basal-IQ.
  • The rationale for keeping just Basal-IQ would be during pregnancy to allow the pump to temporarily turn off insulin delivery to prevent lows while still allowing the patient to set individualized glucose targets and do all corrections manually. (Control-IQ does not permit individualized targets. Please ask the Tandem representative if the company will allow for Basal-IQ  "loaners" during pregnancy.)



Company Contacts

  • Tandem Diabetes Care Canada Website
  • Territory Manager Kate Stephen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    PHONE: (403) 512-2632 FAX: (858) 224-6400


Real World Comments

Practices, beliefs and comments in links below are not necessarily endorsed by healthcare providers. The links are provided to illustrate to clinicians how Control IQ is being utilized by the public.