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Connect Care: Some More How To Items

This page is in development and relevant only to Diabetes Centre Calgary clinicians. 

If you are new to Connect Care, the topics below will help you to get started.

An extensive, searchable list of information sheets and support materials from Connect Care is available here.

Standard Tab Layout

It's easier if all educators use the same tabs, and organize them in a consistent order. The first time that you open a patient chart, customize the tabs as shown below, using the wrench icon in the row where the tabs appear. Remove the tabs you don’t need and add the ones you do need. Drag and drop tabs in the order shown.

Note: The Diabetes Management tab is found within the "Quick Navigators" in the menu.

Modify worspace

From that point on, each patient chart you open will have the tabs you’ve chosen. Organize them as shown below.

 Nurses (Standard tabs for scheduled appointments)

RN tab layout

Dietitians (Standard tabs for scheduled appointments)

RD tab layout

All staff (Standard tabs for unscheduled phone calls and emails)

Tabs telephone


Where to Chart Important Data

Cloud-Based Patient Data Services

Use the blue sticky note on the Storyboard (shown in the circle below). Click on the sticky to open the note. The data is also viewable in SnapShot, under Specialty Comments.

Blue sticky

Safety Checklist, Hypoglycemia, Blood Glucose, Insulin doses, Foot Check

Data elements are under the "Diabetes Management" tab. Click on the pencil next to the item to add your findings. Clicking on the flag will highllight data when viewed later (highlighted in yellow below). Clicking on "Flowsheets" will open a view to see previous data entries.

Diabetes Management 

Heading 5