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Connect Care: Daily Workflow

This page is in development and relevant only to Diabetes Centre Calgary clinicians. 

In Basket Messages

Check In Basket messages first thing and several times during the day. Mentally note priority messages that need addressing. Look after messages during Admin time and if there are no-shows.



Screen shots to come.


Patient messages and questions

Use "My Cht Enc" to create an encounter. This is very important for our program, because the activity will be captured, and our funding depends on it.

IB Patient message

Reply to the message through MyChart:

MyChart reply

or phone the patient.

Phone response

Sign the encounter when done.



If there's no need to inform the patient: Click on Reviewed: 


If you determine that you need to contact the patient, go to More > “Call patient about abnormal result” if phoning:

Result call

or if they are signed up for MyAHS Connect, right-click on the result and choose “MyChtEnc” to send a secure message.

MyChart notif


Look at your schedule

Scheduled patients show up on your Connect Care work space, under the "Schedule" tab. Visit type and Notes are displayed, along with other patient information.

Single-click on a patient name to preview the chart (titled SnapShot), and to allow for some pre-charting.

CC schedule

Heading 3


Heading 4


Heading 5