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DCC Connect Care

This page is in development and intended for use by Diabetes Centre Calgary clinicians.

Connect Care is the new provincial medical record coming to programs in the Calgary Zone starting in the Spring of 2022. The planned go-live dates for relevant programs are:

  • Wave 4 (2022 May 14): ACH, PLC, Rural
  • Wave 5 (2022 Nov 6): RRDTC (Diabetes Educators), RRDTC (Endocrinology), RRDTC (Bariatrics), FMC, SCHC, Alberta Kidney Care (South), Pharmacy, AHLP
  • Wave 6 (Spring 2023): SHC, RGH, Lab
  • Wave 8 (Spring 2024): ECHC

Staff will continue to have access to Soprano (read-only) after their site goes live, and until 1 year after the final site goes live.

If you are new to Connect Care, please refer to the topic at the bottom of the page "Some CC "How to" Items" to get started.

Daily CC Workflow

Please click here to visit the page for all CC Workflow items for DCC

  1. Check In Basket messages first thing and several times during the day. Mentally note priority messages that need addressing. Look after messages during Admin time and if there are no-shows.
  2. Look at schedule for day (no link)
  3. Quick look at patient charts (single click to view only) (no link)


Charting - Scheduled Appts

The following is a suggested order for charting. You might find that a different order of charting works better for you, and that's OK. It's very important, however, that certain data is charted in a consistent place to avoid duplicate data entry, and the possibility that important information is missed. Please see "Where to Chart Important Data" for data elements that might cause safety issues if not charted in the right spot. 

  1. Find and open chart for scheduled patient [For an unscheduled phone call or email please refer to this section.] 
  2. Review chart: Storyboard, medical problems, referral, labs, previous encounters, “significant events”
  3. Confirm or update: Physicians, visit diagnosis, problem list 
  4. Start My Note by adding Smart Phrase
  5. Assess Safety Items
  6. Address Medications
  7. Address Glucose Data
  8. Address Lifestyle
  9. Finish My Note 
  10. Complete Wrap Up
  11. Sign encounter


Charting - Unscheduled Appts (email, phone, drop ins)

  1. ..
  2. ...


Specialty Specific 

The Charting Workflow above applies to most patients. However, exceptions or additions are listed in the links below. 

  1. CAT
  2. DIP
  3. Inpatient
  4. Insulin Pump
  5. Transplant
  6. 24 hr ABPM 


DCC Smart Phrases 

All DCC Smart Phrases can be found on this link. For specific headings, click below. 

  1. CAT
  2. DIP
  3. Inpatient
  4. Insulin Pump
  5. Transplant
  6. 24 hr ABPM 


Some CC "How To" Items

Please click here to visit the page for some more "CC How To" items for DCC. 

  1. Find & Open Chart:  Scheduled or Unscheduled (e.g. phone)
  2. Create DCC standardized tab layout 
  3. Communicate with peers and team members (no link)
  4. Unscheduled phone calls and emails
  5. Where to Chart Important Data
  6. Search for CC help topics