Insulin Pumps

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See headings from pump module
    1. List of pump brands: table pump comparison
    2. See Safety checklist for pump safety 
    3. Troubleshooting: table hypo/hyper,
    4. Photos - kinks, tunneling etc
    5. Pump assessments: current and interested patients
    6. One page for each pump; add PDF of menu to each page and 10 second videos for pump programming TDD etc 
    7. Basal setting and basal rates n- temp basal
    8. Bolus insulin in pump 
    9. LIfestyle and special situations
    10. DIP

  1. Alberta Insulin Pump Therapy (IPT) Program
  2. Calgary Zone Approved Pump Physician Specialists
  3. Intro to Insulin Pump Therapy Classes
  4. Calgary Zone Appointments for IPT Pump Therapy
  5. Insulin Pump Brands and Representatives 
  6. Alberta Health Services in-patient pump resources

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